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We try to update this website as regularly updated and it should therefore always be worth a visit. We hope that it can become a key tool in communication with and between members.
If you find any errors or have any suggestions as to how the site may been improved please contact the Webmaster. Your comments will be appreciated. Please also let him know if you find something that does not work correctly.
If you wish to send us photographs please use the following e-mail address: where there is plenty of space. Thank you.
If you have no comments - but just like the site - please send us a message via the Visitors book or via the Blog. It will be good to know that you are interested.
In the Members area there is feature where we display Member's Favourite Clan/Glenshee related photographs. This will become more interesting if you send us your favourites. Click here for more information. 
Where this button appears on the website please click for further information.
Jon P. Hedges.
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Last Updated 23/07/2015