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Help for your Webmaster


Your Webmaster is seeking additional volunteers to join the team that maintain the content on the website. The main task would be to proof-read material after it has been added to the site. In his dotage the Webmaster has a nasty habit of reading what he thinks he has typed rather than what is is actually on the page. Hence "typos" tend to creep in.


If you feel that you can help then please contact the webmaster. Thank you for your help.


Added 30/01/2016

WW1 Commemoration


We would like to commemorate the start of the First World War in 1914 by publishing articles in the Genealogy section of the website describing the contribution that MacThomas Clansfolk made to the war effort.


If you can compose such an article then please contact the Sennachie.


Added 02/03/2014

Photographs of Clan Events


Will any members having photographs taken at Clan Events that might be suitable for use on this website please contact the webmaster -


Suitable photographs can be sent to


Thank you.


Added 12/08/2011

Last  Updated 26/01/2016 

Incorrect Clan Information



The Society Council is aware that there is incorrect or missing information about the Clan and its history on other sites on the worldwide web and is most keen to get such errors corrected. If you find such an error please contact the Webmaster and he or one of the assistant webmasters will contact the site operator. From recent experience it can take some time to get changes made - but we will perservere!


Added 15/10/2010

Appeal for Photographs


The Society is keen to add further photographs to this website.


If you have Clan or Glenshee related photographs that you think might be suitable then please contact the Webmaster.
Suitable photographs can be sent to
Thank You.
Added at Launch