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Clan MacThomas

The official website of the
Clan MacThomas Society

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This website was originally built using the
Microsoft Office Live Small Business Web Design Tool.
On the withdrawal of this platform it was rebuilt using
Microsoft Office 365
Following Microsoft's decision to withdraw their "public website"
facility the site was 'migrated' to the Cloud Next platform.
Originally constructed in 2009 by Jon P. Hedges
(Society Treasurer, Membership Secretary & then Webmaster)
and reconstructed by him between February & April 2012.
The reconstructed site "went live" on 22nd April 2012.
Warning: With effect from 4th June 2012 access to the site is monitored using Google Analytics software. 
Subsequently the site is being updated on a regular basis.
Please use this link to contact the Webmaster.
The Webmaster would like to thank the following for their comments, contributions & encouragement during the building of this site:
Jan Rogers (USA)
Andrew MacThomas of Finegand
Kirstie Thoms
Cathy Ludemann (USA)
Ken McColm (Australia)
Grahame Thom (Australia)
Eur Ing Simon A. Hedges
Derek Green
Masa Tomita
Colleagues at Panasonic UK
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