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Clan MacThomas Society Shop    


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The Society is pleased to offer quality merchandise to its members. There are several benefits of buying through this route:


Guaranteed genuine items (usually made in Scotland).

Items are generally available from stock & not on special order.

Competitive prices for comparable items.

Support for your Society.


The pages to the left show the merchandise that is available together with stock availability and prices in popular local currencies. All prices include postage, packing and UK taxes.


How To Order & Pay:


Having decided what you wish to purchase and checked that it is in stock you can either:


Mail your order and your personal cheque in any quoted currency to

the Merchandise Manager at the address shown on our Contacts Page.



► Use the PayPal buttons provided to order and pay for the items that you

require. When ordering T shirts or Sweatshirts via

PayPal will you please send a separate message to the Merchandise Manager advising the colours and sizes required. The PayPal system makes no attempt to check whether an item is in stock.



► By arrangement members in the UK can order by e mail and transfer

funds directly to the Society's bank account. If you wish to use this method

please contact the Treasurer.


► If you wish to make your payment in a currency not quoted then please

contact the Treasurer who will offer an alternative payment method.




1. When deciding how to pay members should note that using PayPal can

add up to 6% to the Society's costs.


2. We regret that the Society is not registered for UK VAT (Tax) and

therefore cannot offer tax free prices to overseas members.


3. The Society reserves the right to change prices at short notice - although

we will try to avoid doing this wherever possible. Many of the items

currently in stock were purchased some years ago. Therefore when we

have to buy new stock, prices are sadly likely to rise.


4. Ladies MacThomas Tartan Sash. We have recently had to reorder the

Ancient Tartan sashes and the new stock is of a higher quality. This and

inflation explain the price differences between the Ancient & Modern

sashes. Quite honestly the Modern Tartan Sash is currently a bargain.


5. To purchase back copies or the CD Rom of the Clach A' Choilich please go

go to the Society Magazine page.


Last Updated 11/09/2015