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Genealogy - Family History Stories
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One of the main roles of any Clan Society is to encourage and assist members to research their family history. One of the outcomes of this family history research is the publication of what has been found. To help members do this new feature has recently been added to the website.
Members are encouraged to write short articles about their Clan MacThomas ancestors which can be added below. They should not necessarily restrict their writing to their own ancestors - articles about any interesting person with a Clan name or relationship are also welcome.



Malcolm L. McColm - RAF Officer & Australian politician  

(1914 - 1966) and his ancestors.  

Millie Thom - centenarian (1891 – 1996).

James Cameron Thom - Lawyer (1863-1929).

William Thom from Tamworth, NSW (1831-1921)

& his family. Also Thom's Corner Store in West Wyalong.

James Thom - teacher from Kilmore, Victoria (1840-1920)                    

and his wife, Isabella Thom (1842-1927).

William Thom from Gisborne, Victoria (1852-1928)

and his wife, Jemima Thom (c1858-1932).

Rev William F. Thom from Victoria (1823 – 1877), his wife, Clarinda, and two further generations of his family.  

John Thom from Tasmania (c.1869 - 1908). 

Alfred Marshall Graeme Thom MC (1886 – 1943)

A man of many parts. 

Archibald Thom from Victoria (1787 - 1862)      

and his wife. Elizabeth Thom (1811 - 1889).

John Thoms (1853-1903) and his family. 


New Zealand


John McCombie (1849-1926) and family   

Mining Engineer 




David Kinnear Thomson (1910-1992) from Perthshire Scotland.

Dr T. B. Stewart Thomson (1889-1973) from Scotland.


South Africa


Hendrik Bernardus Thom (1905-1983) and his ancestors.




James and Leah Thoms of Plymouth, Iowa, USA.


It is possible that there may be some errors in these stories since not all data is based on primary sources. Please advise the Webmaster or Sennachie if you consider there is an error or have additional information.



If you have a "Family Story" that you think should be featured here please contact the Sennachie. Thank you.
Added 13/01/2014
Last Updated 29/03/2018