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Transferring the Website to its new platform has been a complex and time-consuming task for the Clan Webmaster team – none of those involved has actually had any formal training on Web design or maintenance. We have done as much testing as possible in the time available before Microsoft “pull the plug” on the site on its old platform and will continue to test and correct after “go live”.


Despite all our efforts we do fear that there may occasionally be functionality that does not work as expected or formatting that is far from perfect. We apologise for such issues in advance. We would ask members to use our contact form to report any issues, however minor, that they may encounter so that corrective action can be taken. Your help, as always, is appreciated.


The table below lists known issues and their statuses:


Issue Status
Buttons on side (secondary) menus not working as expected Please ensure that you click on the text and not the space to the right of it.
Right hand sides cut off forms when viewed on certain browsers. Please report to Webmaster.
Photographs not aligned to centre of page where not beside text. Please report to Webmaster.
Excessive spaces towards the top of pages underneath "Back" buttons. Please Report to Webmaster.
Link or form returns user to the old website (Blue background). Should now have been fixed.
Log on takes user back to old website (Blue background). Should now have been fixed.
Links on FAQ pages do not work on certain browsers. Until a solution found please use an Internet Explorer browser or scroll down the page for answers.


Added 27/03/2018

Last Updated 29/03/2018