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Website Migration – Bookmarks Back

For various reasons it has been necessary to change the URL’s (addresses) for the website pages as part of the migration to the new platform.


The published official addresses for the website are and However these only act as forwarding addresses and the content itself is actually held at a different address.


Prior to migration the pages were held on After migration this has changed to


If you have “bookmarked” website pages in your browser then you will need to update the stored URL’s following the website migration.


The change is relatively simple and best explained by an example:


Let us assume that you have a bookmark for our Genealogy Menu page. If you open the edit facility for your bookmarks on your browser then you will find that the URL currently reads:


All that you have to do is to remove “.co” and change “.aspx” to “.html” and save the change. In an ideal world you would also change all the text to lower case. The new URL would read:


Alternatively you could simply delete your existing bookmark and use your browser functionality to create a new one (This assumes that you can remember how to get to the page using the menu options).


If you have any problems please contact the webmaster team.

Added 28/03/2018

Last Updated 28/03/2018