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The Cockstane
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Many members will have met Society member and photographer, Isabelle McInally from Lightscape Creations, at one of our Gatherings in Glenshee. During 2018 Isabelle, who lives locally, has kindly agreed to take some photographs of the Cockstane site in Glenshee on a regular basis. We hope that these will bring back memories and encourage a visit to our very special location in the future.
Please use the buttons below to view the various photographs. More will be added from time to time. Watch this space!!

February 2018.

April 2018.

May 2018.

Seven Years On    

Mid June 2018.


End June 2018.


End July 2018.


End August 2018    


Mid September 2018 - Extra Photographs    


End September 2018 - Autumn is upon us!    


End October 2018 - Featuring Autumn & Winter!    


End November 2018 in the rain!   !! New !!


Coming in December.


Some images from September 2007   !! New !!


More about the Cockstane on this website.

Visit the Lightscape Creations website. The "Inspirations" section contains images from Glenshee & Glenisla - some have featured in our magazines.

Added 23/06/2018
Last Updated 09/12/2018