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Congratulations Back

The Clan MacThomas Society sends congratulations to the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton on the occasion of their marriage in St George’s Chapel, Windsor on Saturday 19th May 2017.
The title Earl of Dumbarton is the Scottish title conferred by Her Majesty the Queen to Prince Henry ("Harry") of Wales on the morning of the wedding to Ms Meghan Markle.
Prince Henry has also been granted the titles Duke of Sussex in England and Baron Kilkeel in Northern Ireland. Following the marriage Ms Markle became the Countess of Dumbarton, the Duchess of Sussex and Baroness Kilkeel. She will be addressed as Her Royal Highness.
All these titles are in the gift of the Queen and it was up to the monarch to choose which ones to bestow on her grandson and his new wife.
Tradition dictates that royal men receive a title on their wedding – and often more than one. Had Prince "Harry" not wanted to accept a title, then Ms Markle would have become HRH Princess Henry of Wales because she is not a princess in her own right.
Prince Henry is the third Earl of Dumbarton in history but the title has not been used since 1749. Dumbarton is a town on the north bank of the River Clyde to the west of Glasgow.
Kilkeel has never previously been granted as a title, so Prince Henry will be the first Baron. Kilkeel is a small town, with a fishing fleet, on the coast of County Down, below the Mourne Mountains.
Added 19/05/2018
Last Updated 19/05/2018