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Secure Pages
Across this website there is an increasing number of pages that can only be viewed by current members of the Clan MacThomas Society. Some of these pages are situated in the Members Secure section (which is accessed via the Members menu) but others will be found under general menu options.
Whilst everyone is welcome to use this site, the Society's Council believes it is important that members should have access to more information than non-members.
It is recommended that members log on as soon as they enter the website and they will then be able to browse without interruption. It is not normally necessary to log on more than once during a visit to the site and some computers may well store your log on details until you close your browser. If you are using a public computer please remember to log out once you have finished using the site.
If you are a paid up member of the Society but have not yet applied for a log on and password then please use the link below:
When completing the form please quote your membership number and if you would like a particular password then please mention this. We strongly suggest that your password should be different from that which you use for your bank accounts!!

If you have already registered for a Log On then please enter your user name & password and press the button.



Log Off buttons such as the one below can be found on many pages on the website:



A number of members have reported difficulty logging onto the Website secure pages when using an ipad. Your Webmaster is currently liaising with the provider regarding this issue. For further information please visit our Website News page.

If you have any questions regarding the above then please use link this  to contact to the Webmaster or e-mail

 Thank you.


Added 26/08/2011
Moved 09/02/2012
Last Updated 25/10/2015