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Grandfather Mountain Highland Games 2018 Back
It has been announced that Clan MacThomas Chief, Andrew MacThomas of Finegand has been invited to be the joint Chieftain of the 2018 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, which will take place between the 12th and 15th July 2018 at MacRae Meadows near Linville in North Carolina, USA.
The Chief will be accompanied by his son Thomas, Younger of Finegand, and the MacThomases will be the Honoured Clan throughout the weekend.
Grandfather Mountain is one of the longest running games in North America and it is a great for our Chief and Clan to be asked to attend as the main guest. It will also help to boost the Clans profile in North America. Please click here to read more about this event on the Games own website.
Our Clan tent will be located in a prominent position on the Games field and we would appreciate a large turnout of Clansfolk in order to provide a great welcome for our Chief and heir as well as to promote Clan MacThomas at this prestigious event.
Finegand and his son are always keen to meet as many Clan members as possible and to exchange views, so please don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Let us show the crowds at Grandfather Mountain Highland Games that Clan MacThomas has a proud and strong presence in North America.
For more details about attending the Games or for details of local accommodation arrangements please contact the North America Branch convenor. 

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Added 26/12/2017
Last Updated 18/05/2018